VS EcoSolutions

VS EcoSolutions is my company where I provide consultancy and education as a science facilitator. I am specialised in climate change impact specifically on the marine environment. I have researched the impact of abiotic stressors upon coral reefs and through that I acquired in depth knowledge about cellular implications during stress conditions considering different climate change related stressors.

I am motivated and creative when it comes to communicating my research as well as other scientific topics around climate impact scenarios. It is my mission to spread the word about where we can already see changes due to a change in climate.

In my toolbox are of course powerpoint presentations, interactive and collective learning experiences, Virtual Reality glasses to experience e.g. coral reefs from past and present and more creative approaches are being currently developed (sneak peak – these are amongst other, team building workshops where sustainable development goals will be communicated, including creative components such as clay technique sessions – contact me for more information).

I am happy to work with specific requests of certain topics as well as tailoring my communication style to a selected audience.

For consultancy requests I am happy to call a meeting to discuss the specifics of whichever project you would need my input. Being a marine ecophysiologist, specialised in photobiology and stressphysiology and having worked with multiple organisms and different projects I am sure to be able to contribute valuable insights.

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