Research activities

In general my research focusses on the influence of global change and anthropogenic pollution impact upon marine photosynthetic organisms. Most of my work has taken place at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, where I have been working on different coral related projects. My personal research focussed on species-specific metabolic responses upon environmentally relevant stressors. I developed a technique to simultaneously assess photo physiological responses as well as respiration of a coral symbiosis. We managed to publish some interesting findings on how two coral species, which differ in their physiological response towards stress also show differential photo physiological behaviour Publications

One of the latest research projects Macquarie University in Sydney, we were studying the effect of plastic pollution in the ocean and in specific on the photo physiological responses of picocyanobacteria How do picoplankters deal with our plastic bags?.

I was awarded a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellowship to study the underlying molecular responses during an oxidative stress response in a coral bleaching scenario DENOCS – The double edged role of Nitric Oxide and Hydrogen Peroxide in a coral symbiosis.