About me

cropped-verena1.jpgI am an enthusiastic and ambitious scientist of proven scientific excellence in aquatic research, as can be seen in my publication record of first- and co-authored papers in specialized international peer-review journals. My research expertise ranges from extensive fieldwork expertise in aquatic environments to paleoclimate research on coral cores to coral ecophysiology as well as photo-physiological research on various aquatic phototrophs.

In my early career I have taken a lot of opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary research projects mostly in Australia, where have resided for 11 years (2006 – 2017). I had the opportunity to work with a range of world-class tropical marine research groups and this led to an extensive professional network reaching across the globe, which I will retain and seek out for future research opportunities.

The intricate relationship of algal symbionts and their invertebrate host organism has been the major focus of my research so far. Different aspects of the coral symbiosis have sparked my curiosity 1) understanding the photosynthetic competence of algal symbionts and its impact on their host organism, 2) how the algal symbionts photoprotect themselves and what these mechanisms are which allow them to cope with excessive light and global change relevant enhanced temperatures,3) Describing the oxidative eustress and distress in a coral symbiosis by assessing functional physiological aspects under varying degrees of stress and manipulated radical exposure.

My professional output can also be found here.